Why name projectdiscere  ?

The core of all good qualities for me are discipline and learning with applying knowledge gained to my everyday life. 
Word “discere” combines both as it means “to learn” in Latin and the word “disciplina” was derived from the root word discere. 


What is projectdiscere.com ?

Your no.1 blog with articles about discipline, movement, raising children, walking and running in barefoot shoes, healthy lifestyle & connection to the nature. About all important topics that will set you on the righteous path to your personal freedom and self development. 

Current site sections: 

  • lifestyle section contains movement & workout, recovery, supplementation, healthy lifestyle basics, outdoor survival & tips
  • discipline section covering self-perception, money, self-doubt, mindset, self-delusion, self-control, long-term development and more
  • raising children section covering everything you ever wanted to know about children’s psychology, techniques to support their development and most importantly how to deal with everyday difficulties that arise with raising children


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