How to be OKAY ? It all starts in your Childhood !

If you’ve ever dived into the topic of psychology you’ve probably already heard that nearly all our behavioural patterns are a result of childhood, if not it is extremely important to be aware of that and know that this is a fact, and our childhood will influence us and our behaviour for the rest of […]

I will teach you to be RICH !

Personal freedom and money are closely connected. The trick is that most of us are slaves to the money and an idea that they could work to our advantage seems nearly unreachable. We dream that one day we will become rich, all our problems will be gone and we will live the lives of celebrities […]

Is sauna healthy ? All the answers are here.

While doing research for my “Cold showers, ice baths & winter swimming” article, I’ve read an amazing book written by Dr. Susanna Søberg called “Winter Swimming: The Nordic Way Towards a Healthier and Happier Life”. I was even more happy when I found out that it covers Sauna and it’s dangers and benefits as well. […]

Cold showers, ice baths & winter swimming

On the main picture that’s me doing a cold water exposure, my special place where even during summer time the lake had water temperature 8°C (46.4 F), and the air temperature was 28 °C (82.4 F), the initial cold shock was real 🙂 !  While doing research for cold water therapy/cold water immersion/ice baths and […]

Is coffee good or bad for you ? Caffeine complete guide !

Caffeine, one of the most used substances that more than 90% of adults and as many as 50% of kids that is adolescents and teenagers use on a daily basis. When it’s present in drinks and foods, we actively come to like those foods and drinks more than if caffeine were not contained in those […]

Creatine monohydrate complete guide

What is Creatine ? Creatine is naturally synthesized primarily in two areas of our body, the first process starts in kidneys and ends up in the liver, the brain can synthesize its own creatine as well but to a much smaller extent. Creatine is three amino acids that we have in our body or we […]

Optimize Hydration, STOP drinking only water

Proper hydration is very important, all other supplementation products can wait until you are properly hydrated.  It is crucial for many reasons: to regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. Although these basics can be followed […]

Believe your Grandma and question the Scientists !

What is replication crisis in science ? The replication crisis (also called the replicability crisis and the reproducibility crisis) is an ongoing methodological crisis in which the results of many scientific studies are difficult or impossible to reproduce. Because the reproducibility of empirical results is an essential part of the scientific method, such failures undermine […]


How to support projectdiscere ? If you find value by following projectdiscere blog please consider making a donation via paypal to “” I want to keep projectdiscere free for everyone forever but I will need your help. Everything on projectdiscere is a one man’s job, including web design, writings, decades of research and filtering the […]

Addicted to massage gun

When I got a massage gun as a present 4 years ago my reaction was: “What on earth is that ?” Nowdays it plays an important role in my recovery schedule with yin yoga, cold water exposure, breathing exercises and sauna. I’m addicted to it.    But why ? First let me clarify that I’m […]