Distractions – you feed your own demise

One of the main killers of our discipline are distractions.

Distractions work in the opposite direction to discipline. They keep you away from working on your goal, from enjoying time with your loved ones, from moving forward, from living your life to the fullest.

Walking down the road you’ll notice them everywhere, smartphone zombies not paying attention to anything that’s going on around them.
Working out in the gym ? They got you covered, there’s a big TV for you so you get your daily dose of bullshit even when you should be focused mainly on grinding out and getting better.
Is your kid playing in the playground begging for your attention ? No, don’t put your smartphone down, just scroll down more and wave your arm on her/him that you’re busy so they know you’re undisciplined person who doesn’t understand a value of such precious moments. (witnessing this image sadly often)
The important thing is, that you get it now, immediately, distractions are ready for you 24/7.
Turning them off, focusing on yourself, relationships, goals, problems that need resolving can wait.

The core of addiction to distractions in your life, at least according to me, is plain simple. You’re afraid to face your life and do what you’re supposed to be doing, so you’re happier in this fabricated world of distractions that thanks to TV’s, smartphones, online bullshit available 24/7, alcohol, drugs, porn, games, social media and more that is to come.

Say “I’m not like them” and 20 minutes later you’re sitting down and watching Shiftflix for 5 hours. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying internet is wrong, smartphones should be banned and we should go living in caves again. If you follow, watch, study and read blogs of people that give you valuable information that help you going forward in life and getting better, that’s great. This is probably the greatest advantage and curse that we have today, if you want information, it is available 24/7, which for people who cannot discipline themselves is a big issue. But if you’ll learn to look at the information provided from different angles and exercise “the art of critical thinking”, you’ll give yourself a nice edge over people who are lazy to do so and consume everything handed over to them.

Please do not forget, you’re the one feeding this multi billion sick distraction’s industry. It is very simple. If there wouldn’t be people watching, playing, and so on, there wouldn’t be people producing it. 

This entire industry uses smart algorithms that are there for one reason and one reason only: to keep you staring at the “magic” screens more, therefore it is extremely difficult for the most people to manage how much time you spend on them, easiest way is to do it my way, just throw them away, delete the accounts on social media, unsubscribe from information providers that don’t provide any value to your life.
(I present to you at the very bottom the photo of my TV)

But to say “no” requires discipline, the core of all good qualities.

So remember, for once and for all, distractions are there in your life because you allow them to be there. Your social media account can be deleted, no one forces you to listen and watch the news, to play games, take drugs, watch porn and be on your phone for 10 hours a day. It is on you. You are the only one who is responsible.

If you have any intention to move forward in your life and practice discipline every day, you’ll need to get rid of your distractions, there is no other way around that.

Distractions go hand in hand with addiction to high dopamine release, I’ve written series of articles here on my blog about Dopamine, it’s a great study material on this topic for everyone.


Our TV. We call it “The Wall”


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