Measure your feet for barefoot shoes

How to measure your feet lenght and width for barefoot shoes

  • stand with your back against the wall and step your foot on a piece of paper, make sure the paper is in line with the wall
  • mark around your foot with a pen, make sure you’ll measure both of your feet as there might be slight differences in lenght of your feet
  • measure your feet width, this is a very important aspect as not all barefoot shoes are wide feet friendly, and 99 % of barefoot shoes manufacturers have a size table for picking up correct size which contains both lenght and width


Which size to pick for different type of shoes
(my experience, each manufacturer has their recommendations)

  • for casual every day shoes, your foot lenght + 0,5 cm is enough
  • for trail running shoe I always add a little bit of space as while running downhill your feet will move a little bit forward therefore your foot lenght + 1 cm (or something in that range)
  • be aware that for sandals or winter shoes manufacturers have usually specific information for picking up the right size, as they might advise you to go size down for sandals or size up for winter shoes as they have an inside of shoes made for example from wool to keep your feet warm
  • when buying barefoot shoes from second hand, always google the sizing chart from manufacturer for that particular model year, as it can happen that model 2021 and model 2023 have the same name but the sizing is different, also make sure you know that model is a “mens” or “womens” one (if it is not an unisex model), these have different sizing also


I run and walk in Freet barefoot shoes, I absolutely love that they are intended for us with wide feet and their running model “Freet Feldom” is the best barefoot trail running/hiking shoe you can buy.


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