Motivation vs. Discipline

With this article I’m starting my beloved Discipline section.

It will cover articles covering self-perception, self-doubt, mindset, self-delusion, self-control, long-term development and more.

Let’s start with difference between Motivation (nowdays) vs. Discipline

(to motivate, means to provide someone with motive, a reason why to do something, but I think nowdays this word gets used so often everywhere by all those online gurus and get rich quick scammers that it lost it’s meaning, therefore let me start sharing my thoughts on this topic)


Motivation (nowdays):

  1. it needs an external source, music, video or similiar to get you going
  2. it comes and goes, one day you go all in, the other one you just not feelin’ it
  3. it is loud, you need to tell everyone your plans and about those 15 pull ups you did yesterday
  4. procrastination sometimes wins, sometimes not
  5. you worked out, went running, now you can rest and kill some time with playing PC games, watching TV, checking social media
  6. a little change in your time schedule and all of a sudden your motivation is lost, other people’s opinions play a big role in your perception of yourself, even though you say you don’t care what other people say about you 
  7. you compare yourself to other people and judge your progress according to them and you talk all the time about other people’s success and how you want to be like them one day
  8. that difficult task that needs resolving, it can wait for tomorrow…right ?
  9. to rest you need drugs, alcohol, other people, PC games, porn, all sorts of external sources, you can’t stay away from your phone for 15 minutes
  10. when confronted about being lazy or not living to your full potential you always bring your past experiences, that you used to work out, you used to study a lot, you used to…bla bla bla, you can’t detach from your past failures and move forward
  11. it is a short term goal for yourself to make some money, to make some friends, to work out, you change your goals and opinions often, you let gurus, influencers to change your mind without doing a proper research by yourself
  12. you think it is like winning a lottery, that it is a one time thing, you accomplish something and now you’re ‘good’



  1. comes from within yourself
  2. when you’re going through difficult times in life, you go and do what you’re supposted to be doing anyways
  3. it is silent, all the hard work is usually done alone when nobody sees you
  4. procrastination does not stand a chance
  5. wasting time is not a viable option, you don’t have a TV, you cancelled all your subscriptions long time ago, playing PC games is an absolute waste of your time
  6. little ups and downs don’t change anything, other people’s opinions don’t change your perception of yourself and your goal (don’t mislead this one with lying to yourself and ignoring feedback from people that know you well)
  7. you compare yourself only to your past yourself, because you know that’s the only healthy way of moving forward in life, everybody’s story is different
  8. you prioritize and execute, you do little things first so they’re out of your way and you can focus on bigger problems, tasks and goals
  9. when you rest your phone is off, you don’t watch porn = that is for losers, you can be in silence with your own head and fully relax 
  10. you admit what you did was wrong, you do mistakes, you live by “Trial and error”, failure might bother you for a while but tomorrow it’s gone
  11. you create short term goals that can be measured every day, you either did it or not, you either woke up early or not, you worked out or not, you studied your ass off or not, you’re taking cold showers every day or not…
  12. AND You know and realize very scary truth about life: Hard work never ends, it is a long term lifetime habit, once you lost your discipline you’re done
  13. Discipline is emotionless and thoughtless


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