Movement modalities Inline skating

Being a great outdoor sport activity, I love inline skating for allowing me to do cardio and enjoying sun, wind and sometimes a little bit of rain also. In my set up I do not consider inline skating my core workout activity but as a great supplement to my trainings and sometimes as a replacement of running. 

Let’s talk about inline skating benefits:

  • heart-healthy cardio workout that targets both upper and lower body muscles
  • engages the abdominal muscles, along with the lower body muscles, including muscles of the calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes
  • due to the minimal amount of pressure put on the joints it is considered a low-impact exercise
  • improves balance =  repetitive leg movement on wheels engages the lower back muscles, as well as the core, which can lead to better posture, stability and coordination
  • strengthens stabilizer muscles (they support the body, but aren’t involved in movement) = you need to use your core and other stabilizer muscles to keep you upright


In my hometown Poprad we have a great “bike path” suitable also for inline skating, it is long and can be quite challenging. I practice inline skating regurarly, especially as it one of the activities that allows me to work out and be outdoors at the same time and as you found out in my introductinary article “Movement modalities intro”, we all need to move much more that we think as we spend so much time sitting nowdays that any opportunity for movement outdoors you have should be taken advantage of.

Talk to you soon.

Here is a photo of bike path I use often in my hometown Poprad, amazing sunsets as a reward for free…

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