Addicted to massage gun

When I got a massage gun as a present 4 years ago my reaction was:
“What on earth is that ?”

Nowdays it plays an important role in my recovery schedule with yin yoga, cold water exposure, breathing exercises and sauna. I’m addicted to it. 


But why ?

First let me clarify that I’m not paid by the brand to promote massage gun mentioned in this article, at the same time I have no experience with similar products from other brands. I’ve been using Hypervolt Plus since the day I got it and I’m very happy with it. This one I can recommend, we use it daily. When I got it as a gift I got the impression that my girlfriend bought it for me because of my relentless requests for massages and she got tired of them. (I’m sure it was just and impression). I do yin yoga, but there are areas of my body that can be relaxed only by strong massage or massage gun. Especially trigger points ! Trigger points are sensitive areas of tight muscle fibers that can form in your muscles after injuries or overuse. A trigger point in a muscle can cause strain and pain throughout the muscle. After we started using massage gun nearly every day my feeling of being relaxed is on another level. My “special places” are neck with trapezius muscle, hips and calves. Massaging your trigger point is a bit paintful at start, but that feeling of release afterwards is worthy ! You can ask your partner to massage you or you can massage yourself on your own. That’s the best thing about it. Anytime, anywhere.

I’m very thankful that my girlfriend got it for me without asking me about it first because I am sometimes “old-fashioned” and I’m not really a person who loves “new gadgets”. But massage gun is worth your money. 

The sad thing is that most people have no idea what feeling of being relaxed is. We sit so many ours before “flickering screens” that our bodies are getting tighter and more painful. The same thing happens on the other spectrum, if you move a lot, lift weights, do martial arts, run and combine it with necessary time behind PC you almost cannot avoid trigger points that need to be released. Once you’ll start with yin yoga and with massage gun there will be no way back for you, at least there is none for me. You will love that feeling afterwards and you will get to know you body better so you will not tolerate anymore that you feel bad in your own skin. 

How to know where are your “special areas” ? Trigger points, tight areas ? Believe me, once you’ll put your massage gun on that trigger point, you’ll know it is the one ! 🙂

That’s it from me now, my massage gun is charged and ready, I need to leave…

Take care, talk to you soon.



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